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EshishUK is opening new doors in the world of Eshish – electronic shisha smoking; providing the latest devices and a variety of flavours to cater for all our customer needs. Eshish is a safer product to the usual method of inhaling Shisha as it cuts out the tobacco – meaning they come with no toxins or addictive nicotine making them an ideal solution for many of us who crave a cigarette. There are many reports circulating about the benefits of the acclaimed E-cigarette option to smokers – whether it is for health reasons, financial savings or simply to enjoy the flavour! What is clear is that there is much current demand – and EshishUK is proud to have built a reputation in providing you with the opportunity to securely order and safely dispatch your desired vaping products.

Here at Eshishuk we offer a wide range of electronic shisha sticks with their own unique tastes (Apple, Peach, Grape, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate and more!). They can be bought as a single Eshish with up to 500 puffs or a mixed packet with up to 300 puffs per stick. Furthermore, we implement a professional mentality into our business which incorporates efficient service as a priority above all else.